Brief description

“Efficient by nature”
Under the brand name Baypure®, we provide a group of modern, biodegradable and especially environmentally friendly, complexing agents or dispersing agents from Lanxess. The structure of these products was modelled after natural polymers, as for example formed by mussels to control shell growth, and includes in addition to the modern and efficient complexing agent Baypure® CX 100 with Baypure® DS 100 a biodegradable scale inhibitor and powerful dispersing agent.

Baypure® DS 100 as biologically degradable scale inhibitor and dispersing agent is an environmentally friendly alternative to the acrylates typically used as scale inhibitors or dispersing agents, which are virtually non-biodegradable. In addition, the special chemical structure provides specific technical application advantages over the polyacrylates usual in the market.

With Baypure® CX 100, we offer an interesting alternative to complexing agents such as NTA or EDTA, which is extracted through a particularly environmentally friendly synthesis process. Baypure® CX 100 can in most cases also be used as a 1:1 substitute for NTA and offers, depending on the formulation, in addition to a more favourable labelling even further technical application advantages.

Baypure® CX 100 and Baypure® DS 100 are chemically related and can therefore, depending on the application, develop synergistic effects.

Under the brand name KORAPLEX®, we offer ready to use blends that combine these synergistic advantages.

Brief information

Product group
Iminodisuccinic acid

Product name

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Leverkusen
Kurt Obermeier GmbH

Baypure® CX 100

Trade nameBaypure® CX 100


  • Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt
  • Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate
  • IDS

Empirical formula    

C8 H7 N O8 Na4

Molar mass




Baypure® CX 100 is only available in the form of sodium salt and is marketed under the name Baypure® CX 100/34% as aqueous solution. Alternatively, this product is available as granules under the name Baypure® CX 100 Solid G.


  • Washing and cleaning agents
  • Preparations of oxygen-based bleaching agents
  • Paper industry
  • Stabilisation of dyes
  • Mineral oil industry / oil production
  • Cosmetics industry

Baypure® DS 100

Trade nameBaypure® DS 100


  • Polyasparagin acid sodium salt
  • PASP

Empirical formula    

(C4 H4 N O3 Na)x 
  with x= ca. 18

Molar mass




Baypure® DS 100 is only available in the form of sodium salt and is marketed under the name Baypure® DS 100/40% as aqueous solution. For applications that do not allow the use of Baypure® DS 100/40% due to its characteristic intrinsic colour, the product Baypure® DS 100/40% H is available as a much lighter version, which is distinguished from Baypure® DS 100/40% by an additional processing step. Alternatively, this product is available as granules under the name Baypure® DS 100 Solid G.


  • Washing and cleaning agents
  • Cooling circuits
  • Wastewater conditioning
  • Textile auxiliaries
  • Colouring agent and pigment preparations
  • Metal surface treatment
  • Ceramics
  • Concrete industry
  • Building material preparations
  • Mineral oil industry / oil production
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper industry

On request, we will gladly send you our current product documentation and samples for laboratory tests.

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Sales of Specialty Chemicals

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  • Alkyl phosphates
  • Iminodisuccinic acid (Baypure CX Koraplex)
  • Silica sols (Levasil)
  • Molecular sieves (zeolites)
  • Phosphonic acids (Bayhibit)
  • Polyaspartic acid (Baypure® DS, Koraplex)

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