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Bayoxide® Pigments

LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of Bayoxide® products for special technical applications. The product range is divided into Bayoxide® E pigments, which are produced on the basis of iron oxides, and Bayoxide® C pigments, which are produced on the basis of chromium oxide. Similar to the pigments used for coloring, the pigments have a color tone (red, yellow, green or black), but the color plays only a subordinate role compared to the technical chemical-physical product properties.

All Bayoxide® pigments have been developed for a wide variety of markets, industries and requirements. The range extends from products for the manufacture of airbags, brake linings or refractory production to pigments for toners used in copiers and laser printers and adsorber media used, for example, for cleaning drinking water or waste water.

In the technical application areas, questions often arise on the customer side that can only be solved individually or whose answers must be developed together in a project.

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  • Bayoxide ® E IN 20
  • Bayoxide ® E IN 30
  • Bayoxide ® E 33
  • Bayoxide ® E 33 HC

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