Alkane Sulphonate

Brief description

Lanxess supplies a range of anionic, well-degradable secondary type alkane sulphonate surfactants under the brand name Mersolat®.


Brief information

Product group
Secondary alkane sulphonates

Product name

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Leverkusen

Effects and properties

  • Very good resistance to caustic alkalis, acids, hardness constituents of water and electrolytes at all temperatures (Sector: textile/leather in aqueous solutions/ preparations)
  • Exceptionally good solubility, also in combination with other anionic and/or nonionic surfactants (up to 40 or 45% active substance)
  • Very good dosing capability even for highly concentrated solutions due to low viscosity
  • Good anti-static effect
  • Nearly colourless and odourless
  • Excellent biodegradability (Mersolat® H up to 99% – tested according to OECD Confirmatory Test). The threshold values required by the “Law on environmental compatibility of detergents and cleaning products” are complied with.
  • High wetting power also in caustic alkali area (textile sector: good rewettability of treated textiles)


  • Detergent industry  

    Mersolat ® H is ideally suited for the production of highly concentrated and highly effective cleaners. The product is preferably used for acidic and highly alkaline sanitary and industrial cleaners (example of application: indoor swimming pools, exterior facades, synthetic flooring, due to its very good antistatic effect, e.g. on PVC flooring). Highly concentrated cleaning agents are inter alia used for applications in large areas and have the advantage of lower transportation costs and simpler processing on site.

    In combination with disinfectants, such as the Preventol brands, Mersolat® H is suitable as a surfactant raw material for cleaning agents with a strong disinfectant action, such as those used in high traffic facilities (schools, barracks, restaurants, hospitals) and for surface disinfection of warehouses and ship cargo holds.

  • Textile auxiliaries industry

    Mersolat® H has proven itself particularly in the following work processes and specifically in combination with nonionic surfactants:

    Boiling off, kier-boiling, bleaching, desizing, post-saponification, fulling, washing, wetting

  • Leather additive industry

    Mersolat® L is well suited as oily emulsifier to produce fat liquors for high-quality leather.


  • Mersolat® H as emulsifier

    Mersolat® H is used as an anionic emulsifier in the emulsion polymerisation of acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene, acrylic acid ester, vinyl chloride, other monomers and mixtures thereof. Because of the excellent emulsifying properties, Mersolat H is used to stabilise dispersions such as synthetic lactices, natural lactices acrylate dispersions and oil/water emulsions.

    Plastics produced with Mersolat H as polymerisation emulsifier exhibit excellent anti-static effects.


  • Other applications

    Because of its high wetting power and good stability to electrolytes as a surfactant or as medium to influence the rheology, Mersolat® H can also be used in numerous other processes, e.g. in the chemical and metalworking industries. 

Product type

Product type 

Mersolat® H 30    

clear colourless solution

Mersolat® H 40    

clear colourless solution

Mersolat® H 95 

white-yellowish solution

Mersolat® W 40
(Production has been discontinued by 31/12/2011!)

clear colourless solution

Mersolat® L

white-yellow, at room temperature clear, liquid of medium viscosity


(the numbers indicate the active substance content in per cent)

On request, we will gladly send you our current product documentation and samples for laboratory tests.

Contact Persons

Lukas Böhl

Sales of Specialty Chemicals

+49 (0) 2751-524-123E-Mail-Kontakt

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  • Alkane sulphonates
  • Emulsifiers
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Verena Böttger

Sales of Specialty Chemicals

+49 (0) 2751-524-139E-Mail-Kontakt

Your contact for

  • Alkane sulphonates
  • Emulsifiers
  • Defoamers
  • Statexan K 1
  • Heat/cold transfer (Diphyl)

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